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Great-ful Hearts

Every year our scholars and faculty look forward to Greatful Hearts Holiday Appreciation, an opportunity for Archway scholars to express their heartfelt gratitude towards all staff on campus. In lieu of the traditional holiday gifts for faculty and staff in December, we invite our Archway North Phoenix families to participate in this special effort. Please show your heartfelt appreciation by contributing a one-time monetary gift to be distributed evenly among faculty and staff.  

Last year, our community was able to gift nearly $260 to all full-time faculty members! 


  November 1st – 23rd, 2021

Our classroom doors will be decorated with a fall tree. Your student’s completed hearts will be attached to the trees so that our entire ANP staff may enjoy these heartfelt messages from their greatful scholars!


Enclosed in your manila envelope, you will find several paper hearts.  We ask that your scholar: 

  1. Decorate and write a special message to your teachers on each heart. Extra hearts can be addressed to specials teachers, nurses, ESS, athenaeum, custodians, or administrative staff.  
  2. Write the name of each teacher or staff member on the back of the heart. 
  3. Return the hearts in the manila envelope along with your monetary gift (cash or checks payable to ANP PSO).
  1. A collection box will be made available outside of the MPR entrance each morning at drop-off from November 1st through November 23rd. Please do not send envelopes to your student’s classroom as THEY DO GET LOST! 

The decorated hearts will adorn trees on the teachers/faculty’s doors.  These trees will be “blooming with notes of gratitude” for the teacher’s to enjoy as the hearts start coming in from the scholars during the month of November!

Please take a minute to watch the series of videos below featuring our amazing faculty, past and present, sharing some of their experiences on the topics of of Sense of Humor, Passion, Personal Influences and Celebration of Learning: