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Box Tops

Box Tops have gone DIGITAL!  The NEW and improved Box Tops mobile app uses state-of-the-art technology to scan your store receipt, find participating products and instantly add Box Tops to our school’s earnings online.

Traditional Box Tops clips are being phased out of production, but may continue to be found on many products throughout the store.  You can still clip them and send them to school.

Every valid Box Tops clip is worth 10¢ for ANP.  Make sure each one has a clearly visible product acronym and that the clip hasn’t expired.

Eventually the Box Tops program will become digital-only.  Participating brands are starting to change their packaging from a traditional Box Tops clip to the new Box Tops label.

If you see this label, use the Box Tops app to scan your receipt.  The app will find participating products purchased and instantly add cash to our account.

To Get Started…

Download the NEW APP or update your existing app.

Don’t Miss Out…

During the packaging transition, Box Tops is allowing participants to “double dip”  by clipping traditional Box Tops AND scanning store receipts containing participating products.  That means traditional Box Tops clips are worth 20¢!

Did You Know?

  • Last year we clipped $1,150 worth of Box Tops
  • We cannot submit Box Tops if the product acronym or date is not visible
  • Expired Box Tops are not allowed
  • You have 14 days to scan your receipt in the app

Communication Materials

Participating Products
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Here’s How It Works
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Family Letter
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Collection Sheet
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Q:  Where can I find more information about the Box Tops program?

You can visit http://www.btfe.com for all the latest information about the Box Tops program.

Q.  Why am I not eligible to join the Box Tops Community?

Please make sure that you are entering in your birthdate and not the birthdate of your child.  The Box Tops app has a minimum age requirement.

Q:  I just scanned a receipt and no earnings were found?

If the App is reporting that no earnings were found, select “Report Missing Earnings”.  Please indicate which items are missing and the expected Box Tops earning.

Q:  How do I scan an emailed receipt?

Box Tops is working on this issue, but in the meantime you can do the following:

  • Take a screen shot of your entire receipt from your online purchase (include retailer name, all items, transaction total, and date of purchase).
  • Open the Box Tops Contact Us Form located at http://www.btfe.com.
  • In the Comments field, please include your email address, your name, your school name, the amount of Box Tops earned from that receipt.
  • At the bottom of the form, use the “Upload Image Files” feature to add the screen shot(s) of your receipt.

Q:  How long do I have to scan a receipt?

You have 14 days to scan a receipt.

Q:  How many receipts can I scan per day?

You can scan up to 50 receipts per day.  

Q:  What information must be visible on my receipt?

The retailer name, all items, transaction total, and date of purchase must be visible on each receipt you scan.

Q:  I purchased a product that’s on the participating product list, but it doesn’t have a Box Tops Label or clip.

During the packaging transition you may find participating brands that don’t have the new Box Tops label or clip on their packaging.  Go ahead and scan your receipt anyway.  You will still receive earnings for the product.  

Q:  Why are no earnings found on Ziplock products?

Ziploc is a clip only product.  They are not participating in the digital program.

Q.  Which brands are not participating in the digital program?

A few brands have opted not to participate in the digital program; however, you can still find Box Tops clips on these products during the packaging transition.  Be sure to send them to school before they expire.

  • Select Finish Products
  • Select Hefty Products
  • Select Kleenex Products
  • Select Reynolds Products
  • Select Scott Products
  • Select Ziploc Products


Questions?  rebates@anppso.org